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Continually being "tested"

  • WEBs_in_space by WEBs_in_space

    Anyone else feel that they are being 'watched' or 'tested' while marking the candidates? Every fifth or eighth frame a pop-up appears telling me either I found (or missed) a simulated lens, etc.. Each time I get the "you missed xxx", I failed! I am contemplating just marking any possible items. I get the feeling ALL the images have been viewed by the scientific community, and a graph will appear in a science magazine showing the world how the couch potatoes rate in finding lenses.

    Stay cool


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Of course we are being watched and/or tested. That is the way it goes ! But don't worry too much. I have been known to miss known lenses/sims. And I just know I have been too positive on some very dodgy ones. Give it your best shot and just enjoy yourself !

    Happy hunting !