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Run out of subjects

  • mrjackoboy by mrjackoboy

    I am on 5999 images viewed and it now says spacewarp has run out of subjects ... is this just a glitch? I have refreshed but same message.

    I am away from the pc now, so will try back later


  • sk001 by sk001

    I have also received the message "Run out of subjects". Glitch?


  • JeanTate by JeanTate

    No, I think it means you've classified all you can ... either because you did them all (unlikely), or because all the images have been classified, collectively, a sufficient number of times! What an amazing result!! 😮

    If so, why not try another Zooniverse project ? 😃


  • mrjackoboy by mrjackoboy in response to JeanTate's comment.

    Awww that makes me sad [that I have finished] but also happy [as all images have been classified) at the same time ~ I had a look at the other projects I may just get started on one 😃