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  • Subject ASW0003vud

    Objects at 3:00 image edge; not sure the orange object actually has any curvature around the yellow one, though, so may be chance alignment

  • Subject ASW0003kz5

    9:30 at edge has faint blue arcs on left and right. Also red object halfway out has blue arc on left with smaller blue arc on right.

  • Subject ASW0003yab

    they looked pretty similar in color to me in all views in the dashboard.

  • Subject ASW0005a7n

    Object at 1:00 about halfway out, red spot with blue smudges above and below; suspect it's a spiral with active star formation, but...

  • Subject ASW0004kvy

    Odd object at upper right of the grouping just above and right of center. Blue ring is more prominent in bluer view. May be odd star, tho?

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