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  • Subject ASW0004jb1

    maybe #arc #lens in small purple galaxy six o´clock from the bright elliptical object on the left side

  • Subject ASW00034ml

    maybe #lens in upper left corner, yellow object w/ blue dot at ten and reddish dot at four o´clock

  • Subject ASW0000j1a

    maybe #lens #einstein in blue/purple galaxy lower vertical mid-axis

  • Subject ASW0003s7u

    maybe #lens #einstein in yellow elliptic object at 8 o´clock from centre.
    Bright dots at 12, 3 and 6 o´clock

  • Subject ASW0004mw6

    maybe #lens in galaxy close to the left edge, just above the horizontal mid-axis.Blue dot at 9 o´clock from the galaxy, counter image at 3

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