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  • Subject ASW0000g0k

    They're not very blue in tools, but still bright. Pair of stars?

  • Subject ASW0009dmy

    Also appears here: ASW0009iov I guess it's both an LRG and a galaxy group? Anyway, nice red arc/counter-arc. Looking fwd to model! 😃

  • Subject ASW0009iov

    Like this very much - red arc and counter-arc? 😃 Nice to see a model of this to see whether that makes sense.

  • Subject ASW0009dqb

    ...going to turn out to be lensed. Worth digging in the lens light for a counter-image, definitely, but it could just be a weak lens.

  • Subject ASW0009dqb

    I go back and forth on this: the greenish lens color suggests it's quite nearby I think, so it had better be a BCG if that arc(let) is ...

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