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  • Subject ASW0001tl5

    OK, I've examined 11,448 images and I'm nowhere near 'exam standard.' I'll call it quits and go somewhere else in Zooniverse. Bye

  • Subject ASW0001bxd

    It gets worse. I was so sure this was one, but decided to risk it not bieng, only to be told it's - yet another - generated one.

  • Subject ASW0003svc

    Two similar ones and I chose the wrong one

  • Subject ASW0000qym

    Oft times I realize that there is a potential/probable lens. Sometimes, the act of seeing it seems to clamp my hand and I can't go back : (

  • Subject ASW0003pp4

    Where it is clear there is no lens - perhaps we could have a 'reject' button. When an image attains X number of rejections it is removed??

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