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  • Subject ASW0000182

    I know it's faint, but the smaller of the two close spots beneath the yellow object top right seems a little odd - it's acorn shaped.

  • Subject ASW000010i

    Image number 444 and the one I'd most like to have in HD. Cluster up-left, diamond ring down-left and merged galaxy eating 2 stars.

  • Subject ASW00018pq

    Any thoughts on this strange green object near the top edge? So far, I've only seen satellite's as streaks, either solid or broken.

  • Subject ASW0000c0w

    Where's the 'like' button when you need it...

  • Subject ASW00001jf

    I didn't mark this as a lens, but the edge-on galaxy centre-top and overlapped by a blue/white object seems interesting.

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