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Subject: ASW0003yal

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  • mitch by mitch

    strange grouping of objs just below centre, dont look bright enough for #quasars - plus there's a #redarc at the top


  • Mizaru by Mizaru

    I think that I have seen this one twice, not sure that I collected it the first time.


  • fermor332002 by fermor332002

    mitch saw this 2 months ago. I am sure that I have see it too.


  • jtreisner by jtreisner

    I think the mentioned red arc is chance alignment - an edge-on next to an elliptical. The pink dots however... those are very interesting.


  • ChrisMolloy by ChrisMolloy

    top red arc does look edgeon in tools, bottom dots are interesting. #lens dont know, possibly?