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Your Amazing Finds - Stargazing Live

  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator

    From the Mods:
    Stargazing Live, has come and gone and we would really like to see your amazing finds that weren't showcased on the BBC's show.
    @11Sparky11 created this thread with the amazing find he posted, but we thought we should give everyone the chance to post their favourite find.
    This is your space, we will only step in when needed (not much - nudge, nudge)
    Have fun 😃



    The Original Post:

    Original post by 11sparky11:

    Hi, I was one of the ones lucky enough to
    spot one of the lenses in the data. This is it:


    This is the discussion page,, but wanted it to make it more accessible. It was actually taken down as the show wasn't over (they didn't know which one was going to be shown on the show), but i'm allowed to post about it now.

    I had a wee look in the modeling discussion board, and found that they were indeed starting to model it. Here is one:

    What do you guys think?

    Oh, and here is another one of my possible (maybe possibly), finds, a possible maybe quasar this time:

    Share your own finds here too!


  • Gordon_3D by Gordon_3D

    I like 11Sparky11's 2nd image discussed above, a quasar lensing type subject 😄 (subject image ASW0009irf).

    When I work out which of my 9 candidates are new images and not simulations, then I would love to post my favourite.

    Of my 9 candidates, the lensed images all appear to be simulations, and 2 of them are repeated!

    The other images are not remotely lensed images and I don't know how they got into this candidate category 😮

    But, as nobody else is participating, I do love these 2 images in my candidates and they have not been discussed - as they are not lensed images lol :\ 😗

    Image "ASW0009y7a" and Image "ASW0009pzt"

    -ASW0009y7a - ASW0009y7a

    -ASW0009pzt - ASW0009pzt


  • Woomaster by Woomaster

    I'm slightly confused - easily done - when I go on to the classifying page from logging in there is a collection of 5 candidates that YOU found - I don't believe I did find them all as my name only appears next to candidate 2 which is the same as 11sparky11 ASW0009l59 above, however I did get an email from you guys on the 2nd night of the stargazing live show saying I had found candidate ASW0009dqb and that it might be featured on the show yet my name does not appear next to that candidate.

    Confused as to what are the actual candidates I spotted and which are not

    Help please! Also is there going to be a published list of investigated candidates on here in the future?


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    I'm sure that there will be a longer list, and I'll watch out for it.