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Odd masked lensing

  • pinkeyes by pinkeyes

    with so much red atypically hydrogen(21cm wave) and green oxygen-very reactive part of space >Notice image lower left with lens extending to top right -large body at centre possibly elliptical galaxy.
    Interest lies in blackened masked star/cluster at lower left but mass in region of space obviously seems at galaxy in centre to produce lensing effect .The black mask looks photo shopped due to its regular symmetry(initial thought)


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    HI you seem to know something about radio astronomy, I don't know much.

    The light from these galaxies is just normal light, red, green and blue, from many atoms and molecules. The light is then redshifted into the infrared because of its distance from us, and the light travels through an expanding universe and gets stretched as it travels.

    The black patches are indeed "photo-shopped" , though possibly we prefer the term "masked". 😃

    The galaxy in the lower left doesn't seem to have any lensing around it.