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Hubble image of a quasar

  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    Nice Hubble image showing a single quasar lensed 4 times, and we can even see the surrounding galaxy around the quasar nucleus.

    enter image description here

    quote from

    What is happening near the center of this cluster of galaxies, on the
    image to the cons? At first glance, it appears that several strangely
    elongated galaxies are around five brightest quasars in white on the
    image. In fact, a cluster of galaxies acts as a gigantic gravitational
    lens that distorts and increases the bright objects behind. The five
    bright white points near the cluster center are actually images of a
    single distant quasar. This image of the Hubble Space Telescope is so
    detailed that even the host galaxy surrounding the quasar is visible.
    The observation of the image to watch against that galaxies located in
    2H and 4H are actually images of the galaxy. A third image of this
    galaxy is about 10H, in the center of the cluster.
    Image : The observation of the universe is sometimes misleading because a happy chance, we can see many strange and imaginary
    galaxies, such as colored jewels on the image below against. The
    galactic seen by the huge gravitational lens is cataloged SDSS J1004
    4112 and is about 7 billion light-years away towards the constellation


  • c_cld by c_cld

    APOD 2006 May 24

    SDSS J1004+4112

    Hubble Captures a "Five-Star" Rated Gravitational Lens

    GZ post Lensed Quasar on: July 30, 2011 1237660634382663747 SDSS J100434.18+411243.5


  • jtreisner by jtreisner

    Amazing. Just to get some perspective, how wide is the image posted above compared to the spacewarps images we view?


  • c_cld by c_cld in response to jtreisner's comment.


    roughly comparable size but not 16 hours of exposure in space!