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Sombrero Galaxy Hubble image

  • cooty by cooty

    I've had this image as a desktop for a year or two - there seems to be several lense candidates in this image. I only realized what these objects were after joining this project.
    Example image -
    Its interesting to see lenses (or candidates at least) in a normal galaxy image away from this project. Worth discussing...?


  • psaha by psaha scientist

    There are lots of interesting things in the background of the sombrero galaxy. Several spirals which look a little like lenses, but no good lens candidates as far as I can tell.

    The thing with lenses is that they are very rare, and you have to look at a lot of sky before you find one. The beautiful Messier galaxies are comparatively large on the sky, but their vicinity would cover only tens of Spacewarps squares. There would be a few sims in that much area in Spacewarps, but only a lucky few spacewarpers would find a real lens in their first hundred squares 😦

    I've done a fair few classifications -- though much less than some people here, and doubt that I've caught a real lens yet! But never mind, the sims are cute, and the discussions boards are endless fun 😃