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Abell S1077

  • delete_adc0630b by delete_adc0630b

    enter image description here

    Just wanted to post this picture of Abel S1077 somewhere.
    I received it in the ESA newsletter last week.


  • AlexandredOr by AlexandredOr

    Fabulous image.
    We can see that arcs can be far from the lens !! 😄


  • Tom_Collett by Tom_Collett scientist in response to AlexandredOr's comment.

    This is a cluster acting as a lens - so distant arcs are to be expected. We might see the same sort of thing for clusters in spacewarps.

    BUT take caution - this is not the same telescope as spacewarps. Do not expect to see things looking as sharp as this in spacewarps. I don't think any of these arcs would be detectable in a spacewarps image of this field.


  • anupreeta by anupreeta scientist, admin

    Just a note: Space Warps will have images from various surveys. Most of them will likely be data from ground-based telescopes which means less sharp images than seen from HST (such as the above posted image). Currently, in space warps, we are looking at images from CFH-Telescope Legacy Survey. In the near future, we will have images from other surveys, so expect some variations in the image quality from time to time. 😃