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Does anyone need to look at this image?

  • Talullah by Talullah

    How many pixels does it take to make a lensing-lensed object? If the size all of the objects in an image are less than the lensing-lensed object criteria then you don't need to view that image. Maybe there is a lensing-lensed object in the image but you can't see it even in the dash board view because it is too small/fuzzy. Perhaps a program could weed out these images?


  • dtrucken by dtrucken

    I like that idea. I wonder if they already have such a program?


  • Tom_Collett by Tom_Collett scientist

    The problem is that we don't want to miss anything. Plus you guys can scan images like this in under a second and realise that nothing interesting is present. Since images get retired if ten people say they don't contain lenses, I think it's better to play it safe and leave these images in.


  • Flow_Original by Flow_Original

    I too had the question of 'how many pixels make up a useful lens image'. Is this the absolute max rez or if one is identified can it be focused on more?


  • anupreeta by anupreeta scientist, admin

    Sure, there are things that you can't see either because they are too small or too faint or visible at different wavelengths and not in the optical (these images are mostly in the optical, btw). But those are not important. We can use some models and do calculations to estimate how many such systems might be there (which may or may not match the reality). However, this is not important for us.

    We are more concerned about what is visible/can be found out but are still difficult to find for robots due to a myriad of reasons. From our experience, we think human eyes are currently better at doing this than the robots and hence, we need your help in finding these lenses !! 😃