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Did this come up marked as a simulation on your system?

  • JasonJason by JasonJason

    I wonder if it is a system glitch and it is intermittent or it happens to everyone? Please let me know. It is frustrating when you think you found somethingn when it doesn't come up flagged as simulated only to find out it is a training image when you go to comment on it. I have been getting a bunch of them like this and wonder if this is something that needs to be ironed out of the system?


  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator in response to JasonJason's comment.

    We did have a problem with the 'This is a Sim' pop-ups not displaying about an hour and a half ago, we believe the problem has been resolved.

    If it occurs again, please let us know in the bug thread 😃