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how to?

  • dassouille by dassouille

    would like to know how to go back to a specific pict....


  • anupreeta by anupreeta scientist, admin

    You can view recently inspected images under the "Recents" category on your Profile page. Going to a specific image is not possible. You can certainly collect subjects of interest to you and always discuss about them in Talk. When you see an interesting subject, either add to your favorites or click on "Discuss" buttons appearing below a subject.


  • ceperman by ceperman

    How do I delete a favourite?


  • nancy_morrison by nancy_morrison

    Is it possible to re-examine a recent image with the Dashboard?


  • drphilmarshall by drphilmarshall scientist, admin in response to nancy_morrison's comment.

    Not yet - but we're on the case! 😃