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for a distant object lens becomes big and object in field small

  • banowal_86 by banowal_86

    Hi All, I have a basic question can a lens become little big comparatively and object causing this in field visible a small. Please check Image ASW0000fto towards 11 o' clock. like suppose a object is at distant and it will cause a lens effect then this will be only spherical or a conical till the field of view. How would be lensing effect.
    Any comment on whether its a lens for the said object .


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    enter image description here

    LENS TOY** - playing around with a lens simulator, this is a simple model

    try playing with this (I hope it works for you, It is working in Firefox for me)

    A distant lensed galaxy will be appear to be smaller than the lensing galaxy, since it is further away. The arcs formed are narrow, and curve around the lensing galaxy. If we are starting to look at very small details that are getting close to the resolution of the telescope, they might to stop looking like arcs, and become blobs.

    As you move the distant galaxy behind the lensing galaxy, the distant galaxy starts to become flattened (against the lens) and the arc starts to appear on the other side of the lensing galaxy. But it doesn't "spaghettify" the distant galaxy.