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ASW0000id5 - red dot Quasar

  • JKD by JKD

    Einstein Cross - quasar next to 6 o'clock at the bottom line


  • JasonJason by JasonJason

    Model 1

    4 blobs in the respective locations using minima

    Model results for ASW0000id5: Plausible

    Model 2

    4 blobs in the respective locations without using minima

    Results for ASW0000id5: Plausible


  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator

    The Mass distribution does not seem to match the galaxy.
    I do not think Spaghettilens is meant to be used to model einstein points 😃 I am sure @psaha or @fafael_kueng will correct me if I am wrong!


  • psaha by psaha scientist

    SpaghettiLens is likely to have problems with perfectly symmetric image configurations, but for this sort of system it should be fine.

    I tried modelling it too with the two saddles from Model 1 by @JasonJason swapping position. Results similar: the synthetic image looks plausible, but the arrival-time contours look weird, which nearly always indicates the model is no good.

    Another thing is the very wide separation of the points. Now, there are several lenses in CFHTLS with comparably wide separations -- but those are all groups or clusters of galaxies. A single galaxy producing such wide separations would be unlikely.