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Is it bad not to mark simulations?

  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator

    @Aspringer created a thread a few days ago (with a similar title!), that has generated a lot of discussion. He asked :

    "Often if I strongly feel a candidate is a simulation I will not select it. Sometimes the program will tell me I've missed a simulation, which for me only reinforces that I am correctly identifying simulations (and therefore not selecting them)
    What is the preferred method when seeing obvious simulations."
    See original thread here .

    From the Scientists:

    Our aim is not to just discover real lenses, but to be thorough and quantify what sort of lenses we might miss. Since real lenses are rare, we do this with the help of simulated lenses (generated in large numbers). Therefore, we really need you to place marker on at least one of the lensed images, when you spot a simulated lens system, even if you have seen the same simulated lens before.