Space Warps Talk

Is it me, or is there a lens around a black sphere near bottom left?

  • thomasdavison by thomasdavison

    title says it all, like to know your opinions


  • Thomas_J by Thomas_J moderator

    I think I can see where you mean but I don't think it's a lens in this case.


  • drphilmarshall by drphilmarshall scientist, admin

    Yeah, I'd want to see some mass in the form of a bright galaxy of yellow/orange stars in the middle of that curvy blue structure. We think that the kinds of galaxies that are massive enough to act as lenses should all contain a lot of stars...


  • padawangussin by padawangussin

    It does look like a lens but it does not appear to have a source. Can Black holes cause a lens effect?


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    The photos are heavily processed, and leave artifacts, often round black shapes.