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  • Anitavdk by Anitavdk

    Hi, I did not select the lens in this image. I asume it is the one at the bottom of the picture. As it is not very curved, I tought it was something else. I'm just starting with this work and I want to do it the best I can. Thank you for your time. Anita


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Hi Anita,

    Welcome to Space Warps !

    Don't worry if you miss something, lots of people will see these same images. So, if we make a mistake or miss something (and we all do ! ) it will get picked up by others.

    As for this image, I'm not sure if it is a lens at the bottom. It looks more like an edge on, it is not curved at al.

    Happy hunting !


  • Againstmethod by Againstmethod

    Welcome to space warps!

    There is a simulated buried lens in the bottom yellow galaxy but you can barely see it in the original image.
    If you click on the image here on the left you will go to the zooniverse talk screen, once there you see a button top right of the screen called "open in dashboard".
    If you click that button you will go to the dashboard where you can change the image parameters. Move the top slider to the left and you will see the lens clearly.

    And don't be intimidated this is a hard one to spot 😉