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Size of Image frames

  • Mizaru by Mizaru

    I would like to know what size the image frames are, as a percentage of the whole sky? Or if they were thought of as pixels, how many are there in total?
    I have looked at over 65,000 and I am wondering if that is an insignificant amount?


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    please see
    READ THIS FIRST ! Guide to Information on SpaceWarps Talk
    8 Information about the images we are looking at: CFHTLS (Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Legacy Survey)

    How much of the sky does each image represent? by c_cld.

    so without doing the maths, I would say most of 4 square arc minutes, or

    about the area of about 20 Moons.

    So not very much. There's lots more to come! . 😃


  • Mizaru by Mizaru in response to Budgieye's comment.

    Thank you, now I'll do some calculating.