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General questions about the concept

  • eleys by eleys

    Hello !

    I could not find a detailed "about" section, so I am going to post my questions here ! I hope someone can answer it.

    1. Did this website already lead to real lensed object discovery by a non specialist ? What happens in that case, is the "discoverer" notified that his guess was right ? What happens to the new discovery ? (is it studied by specialists right away, does it get a new poetic name, ... ? )
    2. How comes some objects appear in "candidates" and in "simulation" on the profile page ?
    3. How can I know if a "candidate" I found has already been examined by some other members and spotted as a candidate ?
    4. Is it possible that some of the images we review have never been examined by a human being before and only by computers ?

    Thank you very much !