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2 candidates!!!

  • Tom_Collett by Tom_Collett scientist

    The top one is definitely simulated, (it said so in the viewer), but what about bottom left?


  • drphilmarshall by drphilmarshall scientist, admin

    Agreed on the sim at the top; the bottom left is an excellent real lens candidate! It looks famiilar though: I'd need to check but I think it's one that @c_cld spotted during development. Great catch though! It's definitely possible for sims to appear in the same field as real lenses, so its good to flag them here in Talk. This image will be stored in your "My Simulations" collection, but not in your "My Candidates" collection - you can use the collect button in the top left hand corner of the image to put it with the rest of your candidates.


  • jtreisner by jtreisner

    Wow, just by chance I realized I stumbled upon the non-simulated image (and agreed - it looks promising!):