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Return to previous image (Not a bug)

  • doodlewhale by doodlewhale

    Sorry for posting in the bug section but I felt it best placed here. Can you add the ability to return to previous images? I have found that upon clicking next I notice something I didn't whilst looking and I cannot return to the image for further inspection.


  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator in response to doodlewhale's comment.

    Hi doodlewhale, there is no way of going back to a image you have already classified.

    But not too worry if you have missed something - each imaged if classified by x amount of people, so any mistake gets ironed out.


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    You can see the images you have classified on the classification page, find Profiles on the left side, click it, and your Recents will be there (as long as the server has caught up with us- it has been struggling to keep up.) But you can't classify it again, just post in TAlk


  • glastolover by glastolover

    I was going to ask the same! Checking my profile can't see anything, will have to wait until tomorrow and see if they are there. I classified one which looked like a corker, fully expecting the usual "well done, you spotted a simulated lens" and it didn't come up. Have gone from extremely doubting I would find a genuine one to thinking I might well have done, but I was going quite fast so am dying to look at it again!!!!


  • ciderboyafc by ciderboyafc

    When flicking through at speed, we need a back button. Positive lens picture seen, but due to distraction, unmarked, WE need to be able to return to previous image.


  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator

    To clarify, you cannot go back to a image in SpaceWarps to reclassify it. You may view it under your profile and comment on it in Talk, but that is all.
    The idea is that you don't flick too quickly between images.


  • Aprajita by Aprajita scientist, admin

    Hi there
    Actually, yesterday I asked the developers if there might the possibility of us having a back button (at least to 1 previous image). When we asked this previously they didn't agree to having to that feature. What Capella05 said about being quick and having multiple viewers is exactly right, the missed images will average out as many people see the same image. Nevertheless I understand how easy and frustrating it can be to have quickly skipped over something interesting so I will query this feature with them for the next Space Warps project. Unfortunately it's not possible to add it for this current project.
    Thanks, Aprajita.