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wooooops!!!! reset

  • swiftmod by swiftmod

    just an observation but i had to reload a couple of times due to the quick dashboard failing resulting in the lose of all my progress.. annoying. also i had viewed quite a number of images before deciding to sign up and this also lost my progress resulting in the need to restart. im sure it wouldnt be difficult to code in an array to store the progress of un-registered users until they sign-up/in. also for those unsure if there looking at a training image just open the discussion tab and the ones that are for training are labelled. a possitive or negative point is up to you.


  • alcro by alcro

    I, too have found that whenever I leave the main search window, e.g. to leave a comment, such as this, and then return to classifying, then I am returned to a zero count.
    On at least two occasions I have assessed upwards of 250 images (and am logged in), but on my return to classifying, go back to a count of zero.


  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator

    You classifications are still saved 😃

    The servers are a bit overloaded, and will catch up. We use more than 1, so it is possible you got logged onto a different server. They will once again be synched, and the discrepancies will resolve.


  • vrooje by vrooje

    The traffic tonight is so high that the classifications are coming in faster than the site that handles the counts and favourites and so forth can process them. My guess is that's the cause of this, and once the backlog is processed they will show up again. (Hopefully!)

    Either way the classifications are definitely registered in the database, so nothing is lost for the science. But I agree it's nice to know how far you've progressed too. Thanks for classifying!