Space Warps Talk

Thoughts from spending an hour looking at images.

  • Orillian by Orillian

    1. I wish I could mark some images as "BAD" I've had a few that contain corrupt data, and it would be nice to flag those.
    2. I wish I could go back through all the ones I'd flagged as potentials and modify or amend my guess.
    3. Once I had it tell me there was a simulated lens, but did't actually point to a galaxy, and the image definitely failed to have a readily apparent fakey.
    4. On the discussion pages it would be nice to be able to use the pointer or some such to point to what it is we want to discuss or highlight!
    5. It would be nice to have a crop outline, but show a bit of space outside the crop. I've seen a few that look very much like a lens, but the opposite side of the galaxy has been cropped off making it impossible to tell for sure.



  • Mgorman by Mgorman in response to Orillian's comment.

    I think you could just create a hashtag for the bad images. I have seen some myself. Once the hashtag was created any of us could use it for similar images.


  • anupreeta by anupreeta scientist, admin in response to Orillian's comment.

    Answer to 5:
    No need to worry about these images. The neighbouring regions show such galaxies where you can get a better view. Unfortunately, the stream of images is random, so you will have to be lucky to see the neighbouring image.


  • surhudm by surhudm scientist

    1: creating a hashtag will help, I think most of those problems have to do with data not existing in the original surveys (e.g., images in one of the colour filters could be missing). These things do happen with large surveys.
    2: Please discuss the image on talk. If people have see it in talk, you may be able to sway their opinion if they get to see that image based on the discussion. 😃
    3: Could you please let us know the image where this happened. Click on Discuss, this takes you to the relevant page for the image. The Image ID will help us track this issue better.
    4: The developers are trying to incorporate this feature.
    5: As @anupreeta says, the images being displayed have borders, so no need to worry in case you missed these, there will be other spotters who will end up seeing those images!

    Thanks for classifying! 😃