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Missed simulations need better options

  • Noharrr by Noharrr

    Currently, when we miss a simulated lensing image, the pop-up just says "There was a simulation in this image -- maybe take it to Talk" (or words to that effect). There seems to be no way to go back and add/change markings. I think it would be more productive if the pop-up (and programming) said "You've missed a simulated object - try again" and then reset the image for another attempt. Maybe 3 times this way, THEN, "take it to Talk." This would be a better option for self-teaching, and less embarrassing for those with less experience at lens-hunting. Just saying . .

    From the number of awkward features in Space Warps, I'm guessing that the current version is the beta version??


  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator in response to Noharrr's comment.

    We do not allow a user to 'remark' their classification, as this would invalidate the results for the project 😃
    We want your initial response when viewing the image - free from any outside influences. It does not matter if you miss simulated lenses - this happens to all of us! Knowing what lenses have been missed by the majority, will help us to create more accurate ones in the future 😃

    This is also why we have at least 10 users classifying each image, it smoothes out the results. Hope this helps - I will try and post a longer response when I am back from work.


  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator

    Back again! You are not required to post in talk if you have missed a simulated lens, but a lot of users do, so they can get classifying tips / support or to point out something unusual to do with the sim:)

    There is no such thing as a silly question on Spacewarps, and we take into account that certain users may have less experience than others.

    Happy Hunting, and if you have any other questions I (or one of the other Mods / Scientists) will be more than happy to answer them 😃