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Session management

  • spudicusmaximus by spudicusmaximus

    I'm running Chrome Version 26.0.1410.64 m.

    It seems there are some issues with session management on the website, I have to constantly log back into the site.

    This typically happens when I refresh the page, or go away for like 5 minutes. Or if I open a new tab to, it wants me to login again, doesn't matter if I am following a link or not. Also when I hit download data on Quick dashboard, chrome loads the file in the current window, when I hit back, I have to sign back in...


  • spudicusmaximus by spudicusmaximus in response to spudicusmaximus's comment.

    This appears to be Chrome as well as my other issue with the Quick Dashboard only showing black images.


  • surhudm by surhudm scientist

    Unfortunately the download data files are in the FITS format, and the browser decides to display them directly rather than prompting to save it. Try right clicking and then save link as.


  • bryan2013 by bryan2013

    i just got on here tonight-and signed in-went thru over 75 pics-then had to sign in again-and had to start at start again-and have no idea how to contact anyone-or if everything you do on here is just a joke-if this is real-then why is it all-pics already done-and not parts of sky not done yet-